The Mission

Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation (CEPF) is organized exclusively to be charitable and educational. The specific purpose in furtherance of Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation’s charitable objective is to protect the heritage, culture and future of the horse for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations by preserving and enhancing 1,600 acres of land for equestrian use.


To accomplish such purposes, Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation will perform but not be limited to the following activities:

The Vision

The Vision for the Park is to be a premier equestrian recreation site and tourist destination. Camelot Equestrian Park is dedicated to furthering the rich legacy of horses and equestrian sport.

Protecting and promoting the heritage, culture and future of the horse.

Because of you—we are preserving this land and the future of horse sports in Northern California.

We are realizing our vision by being watchful stewards of this valuable resource. Through thoughtful planning, and the laying of a solid sustainable foundation we are designing a facility with riders, non-riders, spectators, and the surrounding communities in mind.

The park’s activities bolster the economies of the surrounding communities while preserving much needed open space for use by families, horse enthusiasts, and nature lovers. The Park serves as a community recreation center providing, riding, hiking, picnic sites, and camping. Additionally, the facilities serves as the Butte County Large Animal Disaster Evacuation Center. All these elements combine to make the park an important asset to not only the immediate community, but to the entire western region.

Work with other non-profit organizations with similar goals such as horse rescue/adoption organizations, therapeutic riding, Pony Club, and young and adult rider organizations.


Facilitate and foster educational and challenging horsemanship activities.


Educate the public about horses and horse care, through instruction, clinics, and service as a local and regional center for equine information.


Demonstrate by example, the importance of preserving open space for equestrian use with an emphasis on sustainability and compatibility with the environment.


Provide a location for sheltering large animals during disaster evacuations.

Volunteers and donations have made this beautiful park thrive.

Everything we achieve is because of generous individuals that share our vision and dedication.

This campaign raises unrestricted funds to meet the immediate operating and maintenance needs of Camelot Equestrian Park. It is essential for bridging the gap between earned income and the annual expenses of the park.

"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls.

They give us hope!

—Toni Robinson—