Our Extraordinary Trainer Partners

Sabine is the Head Instructor at Blue Banner Farm in Tucson, Arizona. Sabine and her clients attend shows around the United States from Tucson, Arizona to Sacramento, California.


Sabine holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level 3) from the Netherlands and has more than 30 years experience as a rider and trainer of sport horses. She trained with Piet Oothout (trainer of the Dutch National Team for the 1984 Olympics) and Henk van Bergen (Train of the Silver Medal Dutch Team at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992). Sabine was short-listed for the Moscow Olympics and has trained several Olympic horses and a number of horses that have successfully competed in Dutch National Championships.


S.R. Dressage has clients around the world and throughout the United States. Sabine teaches riders from the training level through Grand Prix Dressage. Her emphasis on Classical Dressage, personality, and ability to truly teach the rider makes her a wonderful instructor. Besides Dressage, Sabine also trains many of her clients in Show Jumping. When Sabine isn’t at home training, riding, or instructing, she also travels to conduct clinics for equestrians of all levels.  She has been featured at many top clinics working alongside international trainers.

Sabine Rijssenbeek

Contact:  (520) 551-4150



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Camelot Equestrian Park does not either endorse or qualify the below listed trainer partners. The Trainers listed below have current trainers insurance on file with us.

Katherine Fooy is Head Trainer of Silver Fern Sport Horses. Katherine began riding at the age of four where she was involved in many organizations such as 4-H and United States Pony Club. She reached the B-level in the United States Pony Club and competed nationally in Eventing. Katherine reached the level of preliminary as a teenager, but found her passion in the Hunter Jumper world where she competed at top jumper levels.


Throughout her teenage years Katherine was able to work for many trainers that were involved in Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing, dressage and cutting & reining. After working many years for top professionals, Katherine now specializes in Hunter/Jumper as well as starting young horses. She thrives on the competitive and rewarding world that comes with Hunter/Jumpers. Katherine is currently based at 2 facilities so she can provide customized training to all her clients. She takes great pride in providing effective, positive and safe training and instruction for clients. She looks forward to meeting you as you start your equestrian experience, come back after a break, or are looking to improve to get that competitive edge.Katherine Fooy is

katherine Fooy

Contact:  (530) 330-9540




valerie owen

Contact:  (530) 321-3973



Valerie Owen is an Advanced Event Rider. She is an international 3 Day Event Trainer, Coach and Clinician. Val is IEP Certified and has been in business for 30 years.


Val specializes in cross country gymnastics. This technique of teaching a  young horse to jump is a specialty that Val has developed over the years. This method builds confidence for both horse and rider, creating a great relationship of trust between horse and rider.





Deni Whiting has been involved with horses since she was able to balance on one, at about  two years old , who would've thought she would have grown up to be an I S RB biomechanics certified teacher! Her passion is helping riders improve their confidence, trust and partnership with their horses from the ground up. She  loves helping horses with issues like: my horse won't load, tie, standstill, respect my space. Deni helps you develop many skills to give a strong foundation for any discipline. She strongly believes in and teaches Natural Horsemanship, a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse's natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain, but rather from pressure and the release of pressure.


"It is only when we slow down that we truly consider the horse. This is a risk but if you're willing to take it,the possibilities are endless!"

Deni whiting

Contact:  (530) 519-3803



terrie douglas

Contact:  (530) 342-3577



I specialize in the beginning, the foundation, the seat. If you just have not ridden in a long while and wish to begin again, or if you have never been on a horse before I can help you be secure in the saddle. The basics, the foundation of good riding is all the same. Whether you wish to learn to ride to go out on trails and have fun or you have dreams of competing, the basics are all the same.  It's called a 'seat' and having a correct one makes you more secure and your horse will be happier too.


I have ridden most of my life but began a more serious study of Classical Dressage many years ago under the training of Don Paulhus. I have to say that Don is by far one of the most talented riders I have ever seen. Horses come to life around him, he adores them all, and they adore him. I will not live long enough to learn all of what this man would have to teach!! I have also studied various forms of natural methods of working with horses, one of which I really practice with my own horses and it has made a huge difference in them. I use the classical training and teaching method I have learned in my riding lessons, but will happily add in lessons on how to longe and general handling, etc. as desired. And, even though it's based in dressage it is the very foundation of riding, so whether you slap on a western saddle or a close contact to crest a 5 foot fence, a seat is a seat is a seat. I don't profess to be able to teach all of what I have learned either. I happily share what I know and help those that want to learn. A correct seat is a more secure seat, and a more effective seat. It allows the horse to move freely and willingly  …  less is SO much more!

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