Our Awesome Benefactors

King Arthur—$250,000 +

Camelot Farms



Ron Ward Farms

Jean and Dallas Lewis



Advanced Building

Lori and Miles Allen

Back Alley Graphics

David and Terry Hilst

Myron Openshaw

Elton and Betty Shull


noble knight— $1,000-$9,999

Connie Andrusaitis

Ballou Company and Tara Anderson

Kristin Carter

Walt and Carol Chrupulo

Diana and Mike DeSpain

Mike and Yvonne DeWitt

Durham Pump

Patrick and Richard Enck

Gregg and Mary Epperson

Pat Gatz and Walmart Foundation

   Volunteerism Always Pays

Julie Gilley

Diane Hawkins

Wendy Kelley

April Kelly

Susie Lundberg

Yvonne and MacKenzie Mills

Hugh and Joy McCloskey

Lynn McEnespy

Scott McFarren Culp & Tanner Structural Engineers

Monk’s Wine Lounge


Mike Raynor

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Jackie Steiner Thoro Packaging



Sam Ballad
Diane Kimmelshue Pony Tracks

Let's Show

Cindy Lydon

Ron Smith

Wilbur's Feed



Margie Abrahamson

Lori and Miles Allen

Cheryl Allen

Nicole Allen

Andy and Tara Anderson

Pamela Anderson

SaraLyn Austin

Claire Beale

Karen Beale

Jami Beck

Franchesca Bell

Tiffany Bennett

Kim Biggs

Kalli Bowles

Sean Brady

Charlene Bladorn

Sheila and John Bramow

Lorie Brooks

Savanna Brooks

Patty Boeger

Gina Bulson

Laurie Burns

Livia Byron-Cooper

Cheryl Caldwell

Kristin Carter

Elise Cervantes

Angel and Mike Clifford

Tori Chrupalo

Darell and Lin Chenault Butte Valley Volunteer Fire

Nancy Cogburn

Jennifer Commons

Kit Corbett

Dennis Corbett

Carrie Crews

Don Criswell

Kaitlin Cruse

Tessa Cummings

Debbie Damonte

Tony Davis

Kaye Diefendorf

Diana and MIke DeSpain

Mike and Yvonne DeWitt

Terrie Douglas

Gregg and Mary Epperson

Patrick Enck

Maurya Falkner

Jessica Faye

Sandi Fleck

Katherine Fooy

Rick and Tamara Fooy

Noah Fox

Melissa Friedman

Amy Friend

Sue Funkey

Brittany Furlong

Pat Gatz

Max Gerdes

Julie Gilley

Bette Glennon-Harris

Valerie Goss

Michelle Graydon

JayaMae Gregory

Shannon Hale

Byron Hall

Karyn Hasty

Pat Heath

Susie Heffernan

David and Terry Hilst

Karen Hisken

Abby Hovey

Jenny Howard

Barbara Hunter

Donna Huntsman

Chanter Johnson

Paula Kaplan

Betsy Karle

Wendy Kelley

April Kelly

Stephanie Kembloski

CJ Kolb

Sissy Kolb

Kylie Labowitz

Marti Langley

Kelly Leckinger




Board of Directors

Lori Allen

Connie Andrusaitis—Vice Chair

Connie Ballou—Executive Director

Max Gerdes

Terry Hilst—Chair

Karen McDougal

Round Table Up to $499 Excalibur $499–$999 Noble Knight $1,000–$9,999 Merlin $10,000-$49,000 Guinevere $50,000–$249,000King Arthur $250,000+

Jona Ledgerwood

Levi Lertique

Jacque Levey

Katlynn Levey

Dallas and Jean Lewis

Lisa Lucas

Brttany Luther

Shelli Lynndell

Hugh and Joy McCloskey

The McDougal Family

Lynn McEnespy

Regina MsFarland

Scott McFarren

Karen McHenry

Mieken McNally

Breanna Mestas

Joyce Mikkelson

Scarlett Miller

Jarrett Morgado

Ashley Morgan

Kimberly Morse

Cindy Nimtz

Susan Nipomo

Trevor Nixon

Ryleigh Stearns Nixon

Madison Stearns Nixon

Tatum Stearns Nixon

Anna Nowak

Catherine Nunes

Kristi and Randy Nunnink

Judy Orlando

Val Owen

Casey Owens

Madeline Pitto

Emily Pond

LeeAnn Powers

Haley Provencher

Tanya Provencher

Judy Quigley

Allena Roy

Laura Randall

Jennifer Reece

Nancy Ryan

Farrell Savage

Virginia Saxe

Sarah Schale

Amy Schantz

Ann Secoy

Jade Sevelow

Nicole Sharpe

Linnea Sheppard

Carol Smith

Ron Smith

Patty Smrt

Theresa Smrt

Su Schlecht

Jennifer Stearns

Jackie Steiner

Susan Strachan

Jackie Strand

Marla Stratton

Nancy Steuck

Tina Sutherland

Allison Tedesco

Pam Thomas

Debbie Thompson

Kate Thompson

Jade Thornton

Barbara Thrasher

Crystal Toogood

Rachael Tuscher

Sara Uhalde

Nicole Vaillancourt

Jamie Vincent

Caroline Warren

Lisa Wharf

Bobbi Jo Wheelock

Dan White

Chris Williams

Randy Wilson

Betsy Wobus

Rona, Tanney, & Trudy Worcester





Round Table—Up to $499

Brian and Susie Bodarke-Brookhaven Farm

Nicole Bourgoin

Ann Bryns

Christensen Saddlery, Apparel and Tack

Mike and Angel Clifford

Julie Christopher

Corlin Paint, Chico, CA

Cresco of Oroville

Deborah and Don Criswell

Lisa Cruikshank and Norm Howell

Diana and MIke DeSpain

Dover Saddlery

Heidi, Laney, and Brenna Elick

Ellis A & E Supplies

David Fillery

Amy Friend
Ari Gagne

Gifted Garden

Sally Hugg

Kelly Hamblin

Karyn Hasty

J&J Lighting

John Deere Tractors

Bob and Debbie Johnson

Chanter Johnson

Paula Kaplan

Olivia Peters Lazaro

La Salsa


Maisie Jane

Karen McHenry

Melanie McEntire

Annie Meyer

Moineau Design

Kimberly Morse

Amy Nelms

Northern Star Mills

Nutrena-Bob Baylor

Valerie Owen

Janice Popper

Pfizer Products

Pony Tracks

Rita Plane - Masseuse

Joanna Ritchie

Jennette Scanlon

Susan Scott

Simone Senat

Summit Industries

Tish Tryon

Elizabeth Thieriot

Trident Construction

Lisa Wharf

Lisa Willet, DDS

Betsy Wobus



show organizers

Dressage—Terrie Douglas

Eventing—Terry Hilst

Hunter Jumper Shows—Kendra Digrazia


Calendar Coordinator—Terry Hilst

Volunteer Coordinator—Kendra DiGrazia


Everything we have achieved is because of these generous individuals that share our vision and dedication.

Advisory Committee and Volunteers

This campaign raises unrestricted funds to meet the immediate operating and maintenance needs of Camelot Equestrian Park. It is essential for bridging the gap between earned income and the annual expenses of the park.

"To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses."

—Author Unknown—